can you put a wood porch over a concret porch

What Paint Should I Use for Wood?

From the cabinets in your kitchen to a piece of furniture to a fun craft, there are plenty of wood items you can paint. And one of the best things about wood is that it accepts a variety of paints well, whether you opt for something that's acrylic or an oil-based formula. Painting wood is an easy wa

0 Fun Wood Craft Ideas

Break out the power tools and some dusty old pallets and get to work with fun woodworking crafts for any level. From functional furniture to crafty home decor, you can use some clever cuts and tidy finishes to bring your design dreams to life.

Porch Steps: Wood, Concrete, or Stone?

Decide what material to make your porch steps based on the needs of your home. Porch steps are needed to reach the doorways of most houses, due to the height of the house's foundation. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, concrete or stone. Choose the material of your steps

3 Tips for Tiling a Concrete Porch

Tiling your front porch can give it character and increase curb appeal. Here are three ways to do it. Danny and Joe welcome callers’ questions each week on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. Here’s a question from our Nov. 23 broadcast: Jean needs some help planning for tile on her concrete porch. We

Painting a Concrete Porch

Sometimes all a drab concrete porch needs is a coat of paint to give it new life. The look and feel of a concrete porch can often be improved by simply applying a coat of paint. In order to properly paint a concrete porch or any other form of concrete, there are some important steps you must take. A

How to Patch Concrete Porch Steps how-tos DIY

Learn How to Patch Concrete Porch Steps from DIY Clean the crack with a stiff brush. Mix the concrete vinyl patch product, which is made of vinyl resin, sand and cement. Simply add water to it, and you're ready to go. Use a wet trowel to apply the patch. Keeping the trowel wet will prevent the patch

Installing a Wood Floor over Concrete

Country Living's Senior Home Building Editor, Jennifer Vreeland, gives advice about installing wood flooring over concrete. Country Living editors select each product featured. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. More about us. John Cross Dear John, I did a little research on installin

How to Paint a Concrete Porch Tutorial Hunker

Concrete porch in need of a makeover? Paint is the fastest and easiest way to change the look and feel of it. Though you'll find much of the process quite similar to painting a wall, there are a few essential steps you'll need to take to ensure your painted porch ends up pretty—and stays pretty. Is

Cleaning and Staining a Concrete Patio or Porch Today's Homeowner

Watch this video for tips on how to improve the look of a concrete patio by cleaning, staining, and sealing it to protect it from wear. Video Playback Not Supported Staining can improve the look of a concrete patio. Here’s how to go about it. Watch this video to find out more. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT You c

Concrete vs. Wood Front Porch - Home Guides

Once it& 39;s built, there& 39;s little you can do to change how a concrete porch looks. Wood porches aren& 39;t as limited. They can be painted or stained almost any color, and you can add personality through accents, such as trim, moldings and spindles.

DIY Steps for Building a Deck Over a Patio Slab - Extreme How To

Even if we removed the austere concrete slab, the patio door threshold was barely above grade. But because and we came up with a solution that can be a benefit to many who would love to have a deck in place of their concrete patio slab.

Looking to Build a Deck over a Concrete Patio? Read This First

2 Jul 20 5 Deck Tiles you can give your outdoor living space a new look in just under a day at a fraction of the cost of building a new deck. Watch this video to see how easy it is to install our deck tiles over an old concrete patio:

Update your front porch Better Homes and Gardens

9 Oct 2020 It could be time to Seven Trusten up your front porch, especially if its concrete or tiled. An easy transition between house and garden is a key feature of an attractive outdoor room and a wooden front porch is a smooth and stylish way to do just that. If you have an old tiled or concrete porch, Seven Trusten it up with timber decking laid over it on treated pine battens. Step 6 Lay first decking board on porch so it is flush with vertical framing on the side and the riser framing on steps.

How to Pick the Right Material for Your Deck or Porch: The Pros and

7 Jun 2020 How to Pick the Right Material for Your Deck or Porch: The Pros and Cons of Concrete, Pavers, Stone, and Wood. June 7 Pavers. Considered a mid-level material in terms of price, pavers cost more than concrete. Pros of composite wood: Composite decking requires no sanding or staining to install. It

7 Ways to Add Character to a Concrete Porch Our Storied Home

8 Sep 2020 I& 39;ve always dreamed of having a classic wood planked porch so we played around with the idea of building a deck over the concrete. There are some blogs that have tutorials on how to do that and maybe it works but I called

Concrete Porch Ideas - 6 Front Steps Makeovers - The Concrete

If you have a plain concrete porch that& 39;s in good condition but has no curb appeal, an easy solution is to Seven Trusten it up with a decorative Or you can cover existing concrete with an overlay and use stencils for the brick pattern see the step-by-step process . You can also find stamps with wood plank patterns to give your concrete the realistic look of wood without the Start over with a new porch design.

How to Build a Concrete Patio: 0 Easy Steps The Seven Trust

If you install a concrete patio, dig out a space 8 inches deep; 4 inches for the some, another 4 inches for the concrete, and and when any water sheen has left the surface, run a wood or magnesium hand float over the surface to proved a final

Before and After Painted Concrete Porch - Thistlewood Farm

7 Jun 20 9 Concrete. Yards and yards and yards of concrete with leftover paint stains and years of wear and tear and We painted the brick steps on the front of the house. I& 39;m about to show you the after, but before you do, I think it& 39;s important to note that this porch was transformed with Written By: KariAnne Wood

Can You Install Deck Tiles on Concrete? newtechwood

9 Feb 2020 Learn more about the best way to install deck tiles on concrete at your home. No more weeds: When you install composite deck tiles on a pre-existing concrete patio, you do not have to worry about weeds or plants sprouting Unlike traditional wood decking, composite deck tiles do not need to acclimate.

Building a Wood Deck vs. Building a Hardscaped Patio

25 Jun 20 9 This structure is most often also made of wood but can be made with poured concrete pillars for extra strength. If you have a steep slope, a patio can be cut into it or filled in to create a flatter area, both through the use of

Deck vs Patio: Which One Is Right for You? - Now from Nationwide

Nov 20 9 On the other hand, a patio is a paved area situated directly on the ground, which can either be attached or detached from a house. Patios are looking for. Now that you know the difference between a deck and patio, use the charts below to help you decide which one is right for you. There& 39;s a 76% return on investment for a wooden deck on average, higher than all indoor home renovations. At about $5 a square foot, concrete is usually the least expensive option.

How To Build a Deck Over Ugly Cement Stoop Steps Apartment

30 Apr 20 9 If like us, you have an old concrete stoop that has more than seen better days, rather than going through the hassle of tearing it out We chose a composite decking surround as we liked the low-maintenance factor and wood look. Then use a cordless drill to bury 2.5” galvanized screws at an angle to connect the boards to one another. We painted our riser to match the color of our house, as a way to break up the brown of the stoop top and the patio pavers below.

Best 60 Modern Outdoor Concrete Patio, Porch, Deck Design

,043 Outdoor Concrete Patio, Porch, Deck Design Photos And Ideas. Filter The outdoor living room can accommodate anything from movie night to a morning work session. The Ebels enjoy their The pool helps cool and humidify the air before it& 39;s dn into the home. Owners Leah and Wood slat shading devices on the “outer wrapper” of the home help to modulate. The approach Professionals. Add Your Home · Sell Your Products · Contribute to Dwell · Promote Your Work

Cost To Build A Front Porch in 20 9 by Seven Trust

The average cost to build a front porch depends on the type of porch and materials you use. Wood or composite are common porch flooring materials, but in some cases, you may see concrete, stone, or brick flooring on For example, wooden planks start at $7.50/square foot while bricks can be $6- 0 per square foot.

Can I put Seven Trust Decking over a concrete patio?

Yes, you can put Seven Trust decking over a concrete patio in two ways. One is a sleeper system that allows the joists to be installed directly on a solid sub-structure. For non-sleeper appli ions, make sure there is adequate ventilation and a

Wood Deck or Cement Patio? - Quicken Loans

4 May 20 8 When deciding between a wood deck or a cement patio, there are several things to consider, and each has its own benefits Patios can be thought of as the courtyard of a house, constructed on the ground level for a cozy backyard setting. Decks are typically built with wood or composite, so you don& 39;t have as many choices as you would with a patio. Cracks provide a place for weeds to grow, a place for ants to go, as well as a place for water and moisture to get in

How to Add a Front Porch to Your Newly Built Home

NewHomeSource breaks down how to add a porch to your new home. For a front porch on a slab foundation i.e., not raised , surround the base with concrete blocks or removable wood forms, fill the area with gravel and compact it to four

Is this suitable for concrete porch to protect wood -

yes. It would protect a wooden rocking chair on a concrete porch. maureen It is suitable to use on concrete porch to protect the rockers. Very durable Yes is a beautiful outdoor rug that would work on concrete floor to protect your chairs.

3 Reasons to Choose a Concrete Patio Surface Port Aggregates

When compared to wooden decks and patio surfaces composed of paver stones or bricks, concrete patios are the So if you& 39;re looking to improve the value of your home, to maximize your return on investment, make wise style choices to

DIY Miracle Concrete Patio Cleaner i should be mopping the floor

As you can see in the bottom right corner of the above photo, I like to use a "Gong-Style" brush for this. It can get into the crack between the siding and the concrete, as well. Just be sure to

6 Ways To Make Over a Concrete Patio - tipsaholic - Remodelaholic

4 Jul 20 4 . Paint a Pattern Yes, you can paint your concrete slab. · 2. Lay Decking Flooring Did you know you can lay decking over a concrete slab? · 3. Add Curves With Pavers · 4. Lay Slate Tiles · 5. Stain the Concrete to Look Like

How to Paint A Porch Floor With Concrete Paint - The Honeycomb

8 Jul 20 9 How to paint concrete floors to look like wood planks, including the best concrete paint to use outside and a step One day on Instagram I saw another blogger& 39;s video showing how well her painted concrete porch floor had

Sealers, Paints and Stains 0 for Concrete Patios HGTV

HGTV helps you decide when to use stain, sealer or paint to maintain and beautify your concrete patio. "A stain isn& 39;t going to offer protection, only color, so the sealer over it would protect the color and the concrete in general," she says. Sealers that are Sealers, Paints and Stains 0 for Wooden Decks. Protect your

6 Concrete Patio Ideas to Boost the Appeal of That Drab Slab

22 Oct 20 9 As it happens, there are plenty of ideas for putting a stylish and personal spin on dull, gray patio pavement, using color, pattern, and outdoor Read on for patio design ideas and landscaping tips that will help you see your concrete patio in a whole new—dare we say stylish?—light. Building an elevated wood deck, on the other hand, can easily cost up three to four times as much. Also

5 Beautiful Concrete Patio Ideas and Designs - The Spruce

20 May 2020 If you aren& 39;t sure you can tackle a concrete patio project on your own, hire a contractor. You can& 39;t go wrong with pouring a simple concrete slab, but if you want to add textures or a pattern, certain Designed by Falling Waters Landscape, the patio, in San Diego& 39;s Kensington neighborhood, features Seven Trust wood built-in seating, architectural planters, and a fire pit with a board-form finish.

Porch Screens with Wood, Brick, Stone, Tile and Concrete Floors

The big trend over the last several years is to cover concrete with tile, block, stone, or brick. While there will always be installations where smooth tile or concrete are be present, it is still almost always more desirable to use a "starter strip".

Patio vs Deck - Pros, Cons, Comparisons and Costs -

26 Jul 20 7 In this comparison guide you will find the pros and cons to help you decide whether to install a patio or a deck. Can only be built on flat surfaces; May crack or heave in extreme temperatures; Can be slippery when wet More expensive; Requires regular maintenance; Susceptible to water damage and wood-boring insects; Lasts 0 to 5 years The average cost for a 6 x 2-foot concrete patio using heavy concrete pavers will be around $700 for a DIY project.

Filling in porch floor - concrete or? - Page - Homes, Gardens and

Aug 20 3 Can anyone suggest any alternate fill that would be easy to put down? Or should I just demolish the damn porch TIA. the porch is currently supported on the outside with a few bits of wood, keeping it clear of the ground

Should I set wooden porch pillars into, or on to concrete footings

9 Jun 20 4 It is not Seven Trust by the way. So should rotting occur in future, it will be easier to replace a pillar if they are not set in concrete - and I figure they are less likely

How to Build a Concrete Porch Floor - Fine Homebuilding

Jan 2004 To span 4 ft., you can use 6-ga. galvanized decking with 3-in.-tall ribs and 3 in. of concrete above the ribs, for a total slab depth of 6 in. Temporary shoring would be required during the pour. If you include a permanent

How do I correctly pour a concrete patio against a house.? Denver

Posted on July 2, 20 0 by SteveP building inspector said if I pour the patio at st floor level no step I would be pouring against the wood sill plate and it could rot What do I use to fill in the space between slabs in my concrete driveway?

Deck vs Patio: Pros and Cons of Each - --- - Great Day Improvements

3 Feb 20 3 Patios often have concrete bases, but some homeowners use stone, tile, pavers, brick or other materials to create the Decks, on the other hand, are typically constructed of wood or vinyl. Aside from the initial cost to construct a patio, you should consider your return on investment ROI if, in the future,

View topic - Can u deck over existing concrete slab? Home

Can you simply deck over an existing concrete slab? ie, lay your bearers the joists Yes - I decked strht over an old porch which had old terracotta tiles on it - the gaps between my boards are close enough that you can& 39;t see Have you had any experience in any form of wood work/carpentry before?

How do I pour concrete around existing wood posts? - Video

More HomeShow Videos: Can I put laminate or wood flooring over existing tile? Want to add a hot tub to your existing Pool?

How to Make a Four Season Room from a Porch Ron Hazelton

Convert an Existing Porch into Space that can be Used Year Round. How to Make a Four Season Room from a Porch If there is any additional trim on the exterior of the posts that will serve as your framework, you should also use a pry bar and a You may also want to place a thin piece of foam insulation between the concrete pad and the bottom board, to make sure that it It will act as a barrier to both moisture and wind, and will keep the wood framing and sheeting from rotting.