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What are the best architectural shingles made from? If you're doing repair work on your home's roof, it's important to consider which materials might be best for your climate and b

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While you probably don't want to replace your entire roof yourself, if one of your asphalt shingles becomes damaged, fixing it can be an easy DIY project. All you need is the abili

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If you had chickenpox as a child, you might remember the itchy red bumps that covered your skin. Maybe you stayed home from school resting and drenching yourself in calamine lotion

How Much do Shingles Cost?

When a roof needs replacement, one of your first questions will involve cost. To price roofing shingles, you will need to explore your options for shingles. Once you settle on a ty

Shingling a Roof

Read on for various tips that will come in handy when installing new roofing or replacing old, damaged shingles. What is a hip roof? It's something you've seen many times. Architec

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Learn the difference between “stair-stepping” and “staggering” shingles when you have to replace shingles and know how to shingle a roof. Home Roof By the DIY experts of The Family

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A flat roof generally requires more maintenance than a traditional pitched roof. A flat roof generally requires more maintenance than a traditional pitched roof. These are more com

How to Add a Roof over Asphalt Shingles

While asphalt shingles are a cheap, popular and low-maintenance type of roofing, many people are turning to metal roofing for its extra strength and durability. While asphalt shing